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Hugh Jackman crashed on The Tonight Show couch for a night, but he had warned Jimmy during his interview earlier this week…






do centaur babies suckle from the horse nipples or the human nipples tho

Centaurs aren’t real. Do you understand that?

yes that is why i made a tumblr post about this instead of just asking a real centaur


Why don’t girls get the same hairline-just-showing-out-of-the-underwear photos that guys do? It’s sexy as fuck! See, I’m all for personal choice when it comes to body hair removal. Either way, you are a sexy lady and you deserve some appreciation. So, lucky you gets some shitty quality photos of my hairline peeking just out of the top of my (super cute) underwear because I feel pretty damn good about it and wanna show off my map of Tasmania today. :P

Sorrynotsorry to my friends in real life that follow me. We are probably friends like that anyway. And that’s why we are on this site. ♡

God, this girl is sexy as fuck, and I can’t wait to see her again. #whoopsIhopenoneofmyfamilyfollowsme

Do you know what really turns me on? What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness.

Michael Faudet 

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My favourite translator said that when she was an ambassador for Hungary she took all these Japanese politicians on a tour and she was trying to circumtranslate ‘merry go round’ cause she didn’t know the Japanese word for it by calling it a ‘horse tornado for children’ and they had no blessed idea what she was saying and she finally started running in circles going up and down and they go ‘ohhhhh, in Japan we call those ‘merry-go-rounds’”


game of thrones + tumblr

inspired by everyone

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Women of the Revolution

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the greatest plan in history